Name of Governor Category Appointed
Business/Material Interest Attendance *
Sarah Smart (Chair) Co-opted Governor
Gov. Body None 7/9
David Seagroatt (Vice-Chair) Co-opted Governor
Gov. Body None 8/9
Russell Abrahall Headteacher Governor - Headteacher of Parsonage Farm Primary School,
husband of teacher at Parsonage Farm Primary School
Ele Harrison-Constantinides - LEFT Co-opted Governor
Gov. Body None 4/6
Kyri Mingay Parent Governor
Gov. Body None 4/4
John White Co-opted Governor
Gov. Body School Business Manager at Parsonage Farm Primary School 6/6
Rebecca Worley Authority Governor
LA None 6/6
Amy Hayes Parent Governor
Parents None 6/6
Jamie Reid - LEFT Parent Governor
Parents None 1/1
David Young Staff Governor
Staff None


* Attendance refers to the last academic year (2022-2023) and is calculated based on the number of Full Governing Body and committee meetings
Governors are expected to attend. This is different for some Governors, depending on the number of committees they are on.


Teaching and Learning

Sarah Smart (Chair)
David Seagroatt
Russell Abrahall
David Young
Kyri Mingay
Amy Hayes


David Seagroatt (Chair)
Sarah Smart
Russell Abrahall
John White
Rebecca Worley